An authentic story of a small wine-maker

Vineyard Cottages Skatlar

Why choose the Škatlar vineyard cottages?

Because we combine tradition with modern comforts.

Because, in a traditional setting you will be offered everything a modern person needs - air-conditioning, wi-fi, a fridge, toilet and shower, an electric oven, ceramic hot-plate, a fire-place, a wine-cellar, loungers, a terrace …

Because our lodges offer intimacy in an exceptional location with a stunning view.

Because you will be serenaded by the birds and church-bells in the mornings and will enjoy the company of deer and crickets in the evenings.

Because you will be able to enjoy fresh organic vegetables from the gardens and pick your own fruit from the nearby trees.

Because, for those enjoying more than three days, you will be invited to Matjaž's home to enjoy a local wine-tasting.

Because pets are welcome in the Škatlar 1.

Because the region offers exceptional recreational opportunities: more than 3000 km of hiking-, biking- and cycle paths, as well as water-ways, a golf course, the Šmarješke Toplice, Dolenjske Toplice and Čatežke Toplice spas …

Because our three vineyard cottages can host up to 12 people, with the opportunity to rent additional nearby lodges, which is why we are able to organize accommodation for larger groups of people.

Because we will ensure that you will feel the pulse of life in the countryside of Dolenjska region and will get to know its rich natural and cultural heritage and enjoy its delicious cuisine.

Because the cottages are located in an area immersed in bio-energy – which will relax and revitalize you completely during your stay.

Because we are aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions, so we have set up an electric charging station for your electric car.

Because we give a warm and sincere welcome to every guest 😊





Vineyard Cottage Skatlar 1

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