An authentic story of a small wine-maker

Vineyard Cottage Skatlar 3

This cottage house was built in 1848 and renovated in 2018. Its exterior has been kept in its original appearance.

In the lower part of the lodge there is an old stone-built cellar, a wine-bar, a room for entertaining, which can take up up to 20 people, and a kitchen. Above the cellar, there is a modern, fully equipped apartment with a sleeping room (with a high-quality bed), a living room with a premium extendable sofa for two people, a kitchen, a hallway and a spacy bathroom. All furniture is coated with beeswax and its scent will simply enchant you.

At the end of the apartment or else the living room there is a glass wall which offers a gorgeous view of the surroundings. All materials are natural and traditionally Slovene: stone, spruce, oak and beech.

The apartment contains a sauna with a bench to lie on and a place for sitting. Furthermore there is a large fridge, a washing-machine, satellite TV, a ventilator, wi-fi, a kitchen with a microwave and a dish-washer. The flat has a special, electrical floor heating and an additional fire-place, which is located in the lower parts of the house, but can be used for heating the entire house. Outdoors there is a grill-place and stretchers to relax on. Close to the cottage there is a terrace which can be used upon prior arrangement.

Guests who stay more than five days in a row, are being invited to the house of the host. With the multi-vision presentation “The Story of Wine” he there presents them the life in the region of Dolenjska in the past and today. Guests are invited for dinner and wine-tasting, and the host explains them the tourist offer of the region.

In the surroundings of the lodge, guests have numerous possibilities for walks, hikes, enjoying untouched nature, swimming in the river Krka, tasting excellent local food, bathing in the Šmarješke Toplice spa, playing golf on the Otočec golf courts and discovering the rich cultural and natural heritage of Dolenjska and Slovenia.

The lodge can also be rented together with the cottages Škatlar 1 and Škatlar 2, situated in the close vicinity.