An authentic story of a small wine-maker

Vineyard Cottage Skatlar 1

This vineyard cottage is one of the most authentic among its kind. It is located at 500 metres over sea-level, in midst of forests and vineyards – with a wonderful view of the valley of the river Krka, the Gorjanci mountain range and the town of Novo mesto.

The lower part of the cottage, a cellar, is made of stone. Inside of it there is a room for relaxing with a shower, stretchers, chairs and a Finish sauna for two people. Of course there is also a well cooled Cviček wine and white wine from the region. The upper part of the cottage has wooden walls, coated with beeswax. Inside there is a bathroom, a sleeping room with high quality beds and a living room with a kitchen. The exit of the apartment leads to a wooden outdoor corridor with a gorgeous view. Next to the cellar there is a terrace and a fireplace where guests can bake their own bread or grill. In the evenings you will be able to enjoy the singing of birds and watch the stars.

The vineyard house is ideal for two people, but has two additional sleeping possibilities on a charming loft under the thatched roof. A wooden ladder leads up to the loft. The cottage is equipped with air-conditioning, television, wi-fi and an electric stove, as well as all kitchen utensils.

Due to its authenticity the vineyard cottage has joined the ranks of the European network, called »Houses with tradition«.

Guests who stay more than five days in a row, are being invited to the house of the host. With the multi-vision presentation »The Story of Wine« he there presents them the life in the region of Dolenjska, and broader Slovenia, in the past and today.

In the surroundings of the lodge, guests have numerous possibilities for walks, hikes, enjoying untouched nature, swimming in the river Krka, tasting excellent local food, bathing in the Šmarješke Toplice spa, playing golf on the Otočec golf courts and discovering the rich cultural and natural heritage of Dolenjska and Slovenia.

Pets are welcome.

The lodge can be rented together with the cottages Škatlar 2 and Škatlar 3, situated in the close vicinity.