An authentic story of a small wine-maker

The Princess Terrace

20. Cvičkova princesa Ana Pavlin

The Princess Terrace got its name after the 20th Princess of Cviček* Ana Pavlin.

The terrace is located on a wonderful viewpoint in the vineyard region Grčevje (500 metres above sea-level) just below the church of St. George. The terrace can host 50 – 60 people.

The terrace if equipped for workshops of all kinds, meetings and get-togethers.

Wine tasting is being offered, as well as snacks, cold-cuts, cooked meals and lunch menus.

In the vicinity there is a lot of space for outdoor activities and walks through the vineyard region …

Accommodation is offered in three unique vineyard houses in the close vicinity (called Škatlar 1, 2 and 3), in four vineyard houses of the region Grčevje or in other similar cottages in the neighbouring vineyard regions (Trška gora, Koglo …)

The Princess Terrace is suitable for organizing different music events, presentations and other events for groups of up to 50 people (depending on the type of the event).

In the close vicinity there is an originally equipped countryside room with a fire-place for groups of up to 15 people.

*The Cviček is an autochthonous wine of the Region of Dolenjska.

20. Cvičkova princesa Ana Pavlin