Eine authentische Geschichte eines kleinen Weinbauers

Program for the groups

Matjaž Homestead and hiking among the vineyards

Arrival on the Homestead and reception with the tarragon or cracknel potica. Sightseeing of 150 years old straw covered house which is member of the European association “Houses of tradition”. Housewife will guide us through the house and master will greet us in the old wine cellar with Cviček wine toast. We will learn more about this unique wine afterwards in the multimedia presentation called “The story of cviček”. We will get plenty of interesting information about the history of vine, Cviček wine and it’s composition and production of wine from early spring to late autumn. We will also get to taste it’s components along with the homemade buckwheat bread with nuts and cheese. Tasting will conclude with the “King of cviček” wine. After this refreshment we will start with our walking tour among the vineyards to the church of st. George (app. 30 min of walk) where we will have a sightseeing of a beautifully renovated baroque altars. During our return we will stop in a vineyard cottage where we will have a warm snack or cold cuts and a glass of cviček wine.

Price: 18€/person

Price includes: Reception at Matjaž Homestead, multimedia presentation “Story of Cviček”, wine tasting, hike, mini baroque concert at st. George church, warm snack or cold cuts, guide and organisation, taxes.