Eine authentische Geschichte eines kleinen Weinbauers

Program for the groups

Program for the group from 10 passengers (1,5 hour)

Visitors are welcomed by the whole family, wearing the national dress of Dolenjska, and are served »tarragon potica«. The family introduce themselves and the group is then divided in two: the first half of the group go on a guided tour of the cottage and the rest of the group are invited to the wine cellar for the tasting of »cviček«. Later on, the two groups swap.

In the second part of the tour, the whole group gather on a barn for a 20-minute multivision presentation, »The Cviček Story«. During this seven-act presentation, the visitors get to know the history of vine and wine, the wine patrons, wine containers, the wine-growing regions of Slovenia, the ingredients of cviček and its production from early spring till late autumn. The presentation is followed by the tasting of the ingredients of cviček and the cviček, grown by »Cviček King« (or by one of the Cviček Consortium members), accompagnied by a snack of buckwheat bread with walnuts and home-made cheese. The programme takes for about one and a half hour. Additional snacks are also available.

The price per person:

10 EUR (over 45 person),

11 EUR (40-44 person),

12 EUR (30-39 person),

13 EUR (20 – 29 person),

14 EUR (11 – 19 person),

15 EUR (up to 10 person)

Price includes: welcome with traditional cake, the sightseeing of the house, wellcome with a glass of wine in wine cellar, multivision presentation The story of cvicek, wine tasting of three components of cvicek, buckwheat bread with walnuts and home-made cheese.
Additional snack: 8 EUR (Homemade cold cuts or warm meal at the spoon).

The visitors, especially foreigners, are usually extremely satisfied with this tour as it gives them the opportunity to know the country life of our ancesters as well as part of Slovenia's culinary specialities. The »Cviček Story« and the wine tasting are of particular interest.