Vineyard Cottage Skatlar 1

Vineyard Cottage Skatlar 1 is located nearby cottage Skatlar 2 (50 m, 500 MAMSL). Cottages are especially suitable for two families or group of friends who wants to spend their holidays together but who also require some privacy. Distant from it’s neighbours stands in intact nature and from it’s balcony you get an extraordinary view on a beautiful Dolenjska region landscape. In the morning you are greeted by the birds and soft bell ringing from a nearby church of st. George and if you are lucky also by deer which comes on a nearby pasture land. Throughout the season you are welcome to serve yourself on the nearby garden with different types of organically grown vegetables. There is also planted a lot of fruit trees. Old but renovated cottage has it’s interior coated with bee’s wax, beside from bedroom and living room it also has two beds in the attic under the thatched (straw covered) roof. The owner of the cottage also gives you a key to the wine cellar. If you are willing to spend more than three nights in this cottage the owner will also invite you to Matjaž’s homestead where you will have dinner and wine tasting and also get to know Slovenia better, it’s history, tradition, music, customs and everyday life. Domestic animals are also welcome.

Nearby activities: 3000 km of walking, cycling and horseback ridding trails, rafting, swimming, golf courses, Terme Šmarješke toplice, Otočec and Struga castles, Adrenalin park, Novo mesto, Museum of Dolenjska region,... more info on

Nearby airports: Ljubljana, Zagreb

Why choose Skatlar 1 cottage?

Because you will get a traditional living area but also everything that a modern man needs (refrigerator, electric oven, induction cooker, fireplace, terrace, wine cellar, barbecue, SAT TV...)

Because it offers you privacy on a hill with the extraordinary view (500 MAMSL)

Because you get greeted by birds and bell song and accompanied by deer and crickets

Because you will be able to pick fresh organically grown vegetables and there is a lot of fruit trees planted

Because you get an invitation to Matjaž homestead if you are willing to stay more than 3 nights

Because your pet friends are welcome to stay

Because the region offers you rich possibilities for recreation: more than 3000 km of walking, cycling, horseback ridding and water trails, golf course, Terme Šmarješke toplice, …

Because there is another cottage (Skatlar 2) only 50 meters away, where your friends can stay…

Because the cottage is situated on a highly bioenergetic healing area which will help you with relaxation and revitalization.